Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Huzzah! I'm happy!

got this in my email today, finally some good news in the midst of real life stress.

Dear University of California Master Gardener Program Applicant:


You have been accepted into the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program!Attached please find a letter with complete details. If you are unable to open the attachment, please note that hardcopies of the same information were mailed to you today.Welcome to the world of volunteerism and Master Gardening.
We look forward to meeting you and to your involvement in what we hope will prove a rewarding and fulfilling experience!

Janet Hartin
Jackie Brooks
University of California Cooperative Extension
University of California Cooperative Extension Environmental Horticulturist and MG Program Manager
MG Program Coordinator


Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Congratulations!! Between the courses and your own backyard experiences you will be a garden expert in no time. What fun to learn new things.

AgrarianLife from Freedom Gardens

Sinfonian said...

Agreed! Congrats on your acceptance! Good luck with the courses.

fannneee said...

Hello, hi, I can't believe I have finally stumbled upon a fellow SoCal Sunset zone 19 gardener. What are you planting/growing right now? I guess I will need to read back. Good to meet you my name is Susan I live in Riverside

fannneee said...

Hi again, I was trying to find your email address. I always buy way too many seeds. Maybe you would be interested in some, sometime. I just graduated from Cal Poly last Dec. (old student) (I read your interest) I love the Lyle center too. I went to Earth day there twice. Have you been to thier farm store? I love it. (redundant much?) Have you been to "The Garden" store on Geary? Because of the funky weather last spring I had to get some of my hierloom tomatoes there. She had a zillion varieties. Really a zillion. Anyway I think you can get my email from my comment. So email me, lets share seeds. (or did my unbridled gardening enthusiasm scare you off yet?) Susan

Cindy said...

my email is geogal17 (at)yahoo(dot) com

I keep meanign to update but been crazy busy. :) thanks for stopping by!