Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Show your support for local farms and gardens with bumper stickers

I thought this was kinda cool. A bumper sticker to show you know where food comes from :) And its for free from the American Farmland Trust.



Plus FreedomGardens.org is selling these really cute bumper stickers for only $6, proceeds go towards their "Change for CHANGE" fundraising event. At times like this putting your money ( literally) where your food is speaks louder then anything else.


Sinfonian said...

Love the sticker. Shame I haven't been to get to FG in a while since I can't go there on my phone since they tinkered with it. I think they went overboard with flair over function. Shame. Do like the sticker though! Garden nerds, that's what we are.

AJK said...

I got one too!!!