Saturday, September 26, 2009

video of my Toddler's antics in the kitchen

This is why I can't take my eyes off my son for even 5 minutes, espcially when I leave an open bag of flour out on my freshly scrubbed down counters before starting a new batch of dough.

What you can't see in the video was the flour all over the floor as well as the counter, plus as he scooted around on his butt his underwear was like a powder puff, just coated in the stuff. His shrugging shoulders and avoidance of eye contact are Tristan's classic "Uh oh I am in trouble and I know it" routine. My favorite moment in this video is his answer to "Are you going to touch mommy's flour again?"


ChicagoMike said...


How old is that little guy, I think he is almost identical in age to my little guy.

Also curious about your plans to leave Cali.

With Best Regards.

AJK said...

LOL! he is so funny!