Monday, June 23, 2008

OOO a Gardening class!

I had been stalking the Lyle center website for info on their upcoming workshops, but of course thier site still just says "Coming soon". By a stroke of luck, fate, or the sneeze of God another mama in the Pomona Valley chapter of Hollistic Moms Network asked if anyone wanted to carpool to this class. The SOlar living institute has their class list out already.

It sounds interesting to say the least. Lately my newest educational idea has been to pull over my credits from CSUN and finish my major in geology (environmental), go over to Cal Poly Pomona and get a 2nd major in biology/agriculture and get a minor from the Lyle Center in Regenerative studies. I mean the college has a garden for Christs sake, how could I not *heart* that?

But anyway, heres the class info:

PO 131: Ecological Urban Gardening Jul 19 2008, 9am-5pm

Learn to design and maintain your own garden space in the city! We will explore sustainable urban gardening options, such as planters, rooftop boxes, community/school gardens, and more.
Hands-on experience will cover:
• Site/soil analysis
• Composting
• Irrigation
• Planting
• Pruning
Incorporate such concepts as crop biodiversity, companion planting, nutrient recycling, and agro-forestry for use in urban, home-scale garden design.


The John T. Lyle Center For Regenerative Studies
4105 West University Drive
Pomona CA 91768


Doug Kent
Since starting at 14, Douglas Kent's passion and knowledge of plants, landscapes, and urban design has steadily grown. He has written four books, authored over fifty articles, received an M.S. from the Lyle Center of Regenerative Studies, and has created beneficial landscapes throughout California. Kent is a passionate, dynamic instructor.

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