Sunday, March 9, 2008

I got some strawberry plants for what?

While my hubby was up in NorCal he visited his brother and his family near Lodi. They have a huge garden and animals and a huge lot (yum!). She sent Chris home with a large bag packed with strawberry plants. Apparently she planted less then a dozen plants last year and with all the runners they sent out she has hundreds now. When Chris showed me my mouth started to water dreaming of sweet fresh from the ground berries covered with fresh wipped cream * wipes drool off desk*. First things first, I need to plant the little buggers.

I have no idea what type they are, so I'm kinda stumped where I should plant them. I'd love to put them in a strawberry pot, but if these are very aggressive in sending out runners I'm not sure how they would do there. I don't want to put them in my vegetable garden since I don't want to rip them out at the end of the year. That leavesme with the 3ft by 40 ft planter I grew my tomatos and squash in last year. Everything I've been looking up on strawberries says planting berries where tomatos were last year is a no no since they can contract some nasty soil viruses- but its the only area I have with full sun, already installed drip system and not going to be walked on. Its also the only area thats ready for planting on short notice. These are live plants in clods of dirt straight from her garden, and I don't want them drying out.

So thats what I'll be up to tomorrow, you know, after I cook, clean up after, do dishes, wash diapers, dry diapers, clean kids, sweep floors, mop floors, feed/clean kids again, fold laundry, write birthday invitations and maybe get a minute to go pee myself!.

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Pichinde said...

I'm getting strawberry plants for the first time this year also. I have no idea how to plant them - this will be an experience. lol But there are very few harvests I'm looking forward to as much as this one.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

Sarah (Niamh)