Friday, March 7, 2008

Tree Roots Suck

Apparently I didn't get all the mulberry tree tree roots last year. 2 weeks ago I spent more time digging this monster of a tree root out then getting anything else done. it splits into 3 branches then went straight down, so there was no way to break it off in pieces easily. I had to wait till Chris got home from work to get a small saw in there to get it out in pieces.
I think the tree's spirit is laughing at me from where evere tree spirits go. Today I hit a root that went clear under the concrete slab, revealing while its been lifted up on that one side. I had to follow its windy path thru the yard with my spade so I could get it under the root, stand on the handle and try and left as much of the root in one piece as possible. I still ended up with a big pile of roots, but one piece was taller then my daughter. I had to get some pictures as proof of my victory. Luckily after 2 years they've started to rot to they somewhat 'pop' out of the ground with a spade and some physics, but sheesh. At this rate I'm still spending more time digging out roots then anything else. On the bright side, does that count as exercise? Cuz my arms and thighs sure feel like they got a workout.

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