Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tomatos and peppers are in!

Our last frost date for this area is March 21, but I'm terribly impatient and my seedlings were getting leggy, so since they have been hardening off this week I went ahead and put them in the ground. The weather suddenly cooled, from being around 80 to only around 70, but I'm hoping my little heat lovers will work on putting down roots before the sun comes out full force. Its supossed to drizzle too this sunday possible which would be nice. I have a bunch of 2 gallon milk jugs washed and ready to go to use as mini greenhouses if it seems like the cool weather is bothering them. I started some squash seeds in peat pots and they were already poking thru so I set those in the ground as well. I can't wait for some squash blossoms to stuff and eat...and baby tender squashes, yum! Now lets pray we don't get some freaky random hard freeze!

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