Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seed swap a success!

My meetup group did our first seed swap and monthly get togetjer, and I am proud to sya it went extremely well. There were about 10 of us and we had a grand ole time chatting for 4 hours about gardening, the safty of our food supply and all the nifty things you can use for DIY garden stuff at the dollar tree. I brought some tomato and eggplant seeds and left with more goodies :).

I ended up with some seeds I didnt have and am excited to plan on using:

'Lee' Okra
'Henderson' Bush Lima
'Pearson' Tomato
'San Marconi' Sweet Pepper
'Ca Wonder' Bell Pepper ( none of my seeds sprouted, so some fresh seeds may work better)
'Bavaria' Endive
Kaffir Lime
'San Marzano' Tomato

plus I got a small Loquat tree seedling and a 'Patio Pixie' tomato in a pot I'm hoping to use for my "Gardening vegetables in containers" talk in March.

I was really excited about having even more tomatos, my main goals were to can at least 2 dozen quarts of tomatos this year, and I now have a few canning varieties: Roma, Big Mama, San Marzano, Pearson and Amish paste. I had never been able ot find Pearson seeds locally, I read it does well in our extreme heat and used to be a big commercial canning variety in CA in the 1950s. woot! I love seed swaps!

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