Friday, February 13, 2009

UC Master Gardener Videos on the web

Came across this gem when checking out the files section of the 'private' Los Angeles County Master Gardeners. I was lucky and was able to get 'transferred' from Sb county to LA since we moved out here, so my MG classes start up (again) in March every saturday thru May.

This list videos are really awesome, I started playing the vegetable gardening one in the background while searching the web. Great lecture so far! UC ANR has made them availible on the web for the public, so by all means enjoy!

heres part 1 on vegetable gardening


Sinfonian said...

I look forward to checking it out! I'm so torn on taking MG classes. I could care less about growing anything but fruits and veggies, but so far, my Alabama buddy taking courses there has shown that the classes would be informative and interesting to me. Grrr. Of course I have no time for them, but I guess if I convince my newly retired Aunt to take them, then I could go with her. That would be fun.

Thanks for sharing. Even though I'm sure it's SoCal centered, I'm sure it will have something worthwhile for me in the hinterlands, hehe.

By the way, I love that you're blogging more. I'll come back far more frequently now. Yay!

Sinfonian said...

Ok, I'm spending my sunday listening to your video. Thanks for sharing. I've got it open and running in the background so I can critique it here, hehe. Just kidding.

First off, I love the fact that he focuses on getting local info. Odd though that he goes to the East Coast and South to get his seeds (though the UK is great for my area). I won't mention that he doesn't care about Monsanto (most of his suppliers buy from them). I think he should have said to get seeds from places that grow well for your area.

In fact, it's very interesting how most of the details won't work for my area. Shame. It's a great video.

Hehe, mostly I consider it a gret video because I've already learned 90% of this through extensive online research over the last year. For some reason I thought the MG classes would be taking it to the next level. /shrug.

Ah, I keep forgetting about seed depth. I planted my carrots way too deep (funny that they did come up though). And I wish I'd known that about my corn last year. I planted some of it upside down, hehe.

Love this video! Thanks for sharing Cynthia!