Friday, May 29, 2009

Back from the Ozarks

Just came back yesterday after a week trip to Branson, Missouri for my sister's wedding at Big Cedar Resort. We also drove around the backwoods of the Ozarks, visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & museum, attempted to go fishing, explored a cave, Went to a trout hatchery, searched for tadpoles, saw the Dixie Stampeed show, ate alot of southern cooking and generally had a memorable time.

Oh, and we drooled at the low home/land prices too. We're now seriously condidering moving to Missouri or possibly northern Arkansas- its so lush and green and so many trees! The clincher would be visiting in the dead of winter THEN evaluating what we'd want in a property. But thats years in the future.

Its going to take me a few days/weeks to get settled here at home again and catch up to a weeks worth of facebook, blogs, freedom gardens etc.

EDIT: I meant to say we are now considering tired I typed "not" instead of "now"


SuburbanGardener said...

OMG. Welcome back. You are so missed. I wish you would update your blog every day..... How are your veggies? Did they survive without you?

SuburbanGardener said...

Golly. Did you have any sun today? We have been inside of cloud since Friday. Very moist. I imagine it's sunny out your way? Happy Gardening!!

Grammy said...

Hi, I came by from Children of the corn. I live in mid Missouri. Near Lake of the Ozarks. I too love the souther mo trees and eureka springs Arkansas is awesome. But I do not know that I could live there. I grew up in St. Louis. And love the country. That is why we bought this place. Reason 2 was there is some shopping near by. But I so miss every thing i need on one street in STL. We have to drive 67 miles to Columbia to get big city conveyance of Mu hospital. Sure we have some some but they are not so good. You need to talk to people in the area and find out more before you make a choice. I do not regret moving here. The wonderful people and peace out weighs the inconvenience. So put some thought into what you can live with out.

Cindy said...

well put Grammy! You bring up alot of good points we're talking about now: mainly a list of "must haves", "don't care", and " Good but not needed" and so forth. We;d like a place thats not so rural there no neighbors but we def do not want a fancy gated community with regulations on what I can plant etc.

We're not sure how much space is "enough" and "too much"- I don't see us ever really having cows or horses ( because of the work involved and me being allergic to them) but I would love a nice size kitchen garden, fruit trees for canning, room for chickens and possibly a goat or two for milk. Having some uncut trees/woods around would be wonderful for the beauty as well as privacy should the nearby lots end up being developed in the future, ya know?

Shopping, schools and hospitals were 3 things that came up right away, I can do without daily access to shopping like we have heres, it just means we plan 1 day a week to drive the hour or so thats needed ot get to the closest major city if needed but not having a hospital nearby freaks me out with 2 children and all. BUT since there isnt nearly as much traffic as here you can cover alot more ground when driving. Schools are a toss up, I really don't want to homeschool my kids, I honestly want a break from them for a bit during the day, but then again I never thought I would be dreaming of moving from SoCal to the my mind may change- kinda like the weather, gimme a few minutes! LOL

We'd probably try to rent in an area first to get a feel for it and to be able to move if its just not working out for us there. The big move if ever is years away, we still have to tie up loose ends here with our house in foreclosure, the bankrupcy, job prospects, we really just want to set steady on our feet here first and put some money aside in savings before deciding where to go in this state or anywhere else in the US.

Grammy said...

Hi Cindy, My hubby grew up in California. The high desert and out side La areas. He will not even go back for me to see Ca. You spoke of allergy's. Mo where I am at is a high allergy area. I just had sinus surgery last week. St Louis was not as bad on my allergy's. But air quality was worse. My youngest lives closer to where you are speaking of and loves it. She is near Rolla, and now moving to cuba MO. Any time you have questions. I would be glad to help.

Sinfonian said...

Ah, so that's where you've been. Welcome back. I know about the real estate prices, insane, and the climate is unreal for gardening. I've got Alabama gardening buddies that want me to move there, I could buy a big house next door to him for less than I paid for my house a decade ago. Insane.