Monday, April 6, 2009

SWC Building

OSH had the 54 in tomato cages on sale so I went by and got 6 of them, then hit Target and got enough bins to build 4 18 gal and 2 31 gal bins since the bins I bought originally for that use are holding other clutter at the moment. Hubby helped me cut off the bottoms of half yesterday, so today I'm working on driling, fitting the bond baskets in and assembling them. According to my Gardening by the Moon calendar this week is a good week for planting, so I'm hoping ot take advantage of that.

Today the sun is (finally) hot and intense, so I'm carefully keeping a close eye on the shallow windowboxes and keeping them well watered. This heat should help give everything a nice jolt of growth.

I found some more winged green aphids appearing on my sweetpea vines along with some inchworms, I tried ot pick off as many as I could by hand since there werent many. I bought some bronner's soap and need to make up some spray and try to nip these bugs before theres too many more.


Sinfonian said...

Go Cynthia! That's awesome. We're doing out party Saturday. I so wish you were closer so you could join us. We'll have tea, food, music, Rock Band and tons of SWC construction. Gonna be fun.

I finished up my purchases with $2.43 tomato cages from Wally World and $1 wicking baskets, aka pots that need drilling, but they're 8" squares 6 inches tall! The 10 inch pond baskets go back to Lowes. hehe!

Sinfonian said...

Just priced out each SWC at $22.11. Not bad. Labor not included of course, hehe. Hope yours turn out great!