Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving....yet again

Yes my dear blogger pals, we are on the move yet again. Tomorrow we're officialyl moving into another apartment of our own. *cheers* I am almost tempted to rename this blog " The Wandering Gardener" or " The Nomadic Homesteader" since we've moved 4 times in 6 months now. sheesh.

I'll spare you the drama, the whining, the anger, and my bitch rant to sum it up as living in this giant house with so much family tension just wasnt working out for us. The End.

That and my husband's company hasnt let him go even tho all signs pointed to that happening any day now. So before he loses his job and the foreclosure & bankrupcy hit our credit we figured get out now while the going is as 'good' as its gonna get. Also this way we'd have Aurora enrolled in a school and not worrying about suddenly moving if/when this house sold.

Once again the Gods smiled upon us, and we found a nice 2 bed 2 bath apartment for only $1,250 a month. Not bad at all. Our last place was 1249 sq feet and $1775 a month, this place is 1,136 sq feet for 1250. Not too shabby. If Chris gets laid off and gets unemplyment thats $1900 a month, so with careful planning we could squeeze thru it.Rental prices have really dropped in the last few months, and this place is 5 minutes from my husband's office, so a win-win there. we're actually about 5 minutes away from our now foreclosed on house, but oh well. Its bittersweet, but overall I'm glad to be going "home" to the Inland Empire where my parents, my friends, and my kids friends are.

Bad news gardening wise, we're on the 2nd floor so just a tiny balcony about 15 feet long and 5 or 6 feet wide? They dont mind plants on patios so I'm going to get some of those sturdy window box holders for the balcony rail, line the bottom with more windowboxes, and possibly squeeze my one lone SWC into a corner for a taste at summer tomato goodness. Thankfully its a south facing patio. I can also hang plant baskets so maybe some mint, oregano, thyme in the hanging baskets. Right now the plants are the the bottom of my worries list, I just made sure to water everything very, very, very well tonight and topped everything with a layer of coconut coir mulch so if I dont get to coming back for them this week and they dont get watered everyday they may handle it fine with the weather staying fairly cool.

so yeah, theres my update. I wont have internet at our new place for a week or so. I'll talk to you all later!


SuburbanGardener said...

It's great to hear from you. Wish you lots of peace in your new place. May sound crazy, but wonder if you can set up a roof top garden at the new place. Lots of sunlight and unused space up there. Can't wait to see a photo once you get the garden set up.

Sinfonian said...

I was beginning to worry about my Inland Empire gardening buddy. So glad to hear that it was just the hell I knew was coming and not something you couldn't handle. Sounds like you've made lemonade out of the lemon's you've been given. Small blessings.

Sorry to hear that you've got a tiny balcony, but great to hear it's at least southern facing. Sorry you can't bring ALL your SWCs with you to your new place. Maybe you can make use of them under grow lights if utilities are paid for, hehe. Otherwise, maybe sell them with the plants in tact to recoup your costs...

I will be coming back often to catch your next post telling how you've been busy getting everything unpacked and your new garden set up. This will make a great MG presentation down the road. You'll get through this. Take care and be strong!

ChristyACB said...

That may sound like a tiny balcony, but I have absolute faith that before long, it will grow a bounty! You hang in there. :)