Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Beauty of Homegrown

A few weeks ago when I visited a local freedom gardens buddy she generously gave me a dozen eggs fresh from her chickens as a gift. They were so beautiful I had to take some photos before enjoying them in my favorite breakfast of sunny side up eggs, niceand soft & runny with toast. :)

I never realized how lovely these eggs could be: tan, mocha, greenish, even a delicate shade of blue.

*SIGH* Ok, having my own chickens to have my own eggs is def on my bucket list now.

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Sinfonian said...

Great looking eggs. Don't you just love the orange yokes and the thin shells! Nothing like the commercial crap! Some friends gave us a dozen too. They get them from the Chicken man at Microsoft, hehe. You buy online and he drops them at your desk the next day. How cool is that!

Ah, if only my wife was like you, we'd have chickens. My wife hates gardening and wants nothing to do with it. Of course she is pleased we have fresh veggies, but that's about it. /sigh