Friday, March 20, 2009

My Bucket List

I've been thinking about the things I personally want to accomplish in my lifetime and laughing at how the list has changed over the years. Before I forget to write them down yet again heres some things I can think of oof the top of my head I'd like to go do/see/accomplish and things I have done ( in no particular order)

1. get married (done)
2. go to prom with the guy I'd marry ( done)
3. have a kid with no drugs (done)
4. Breastfeed for over a year ( done)
5. breastfeed for more then 2 years
6. own chickens to riase my own eggs
7. milk a cow and/or goat
8. make my own cheese ( sorta done, did 30 minute mozzarela, I'd like to try something more challenging)
9. learn Portuguese ( specifically the type spoken by my family in the Azores)
10. Attend a Portuguese Festa
11. Go the THE Festa in Gustine, CA
12. Learn how to make my own linguica ( Portuguese sausage)
13. swim with a dolphin
14. take a cruise across the ocean
15. visit Europe
16. visit Ireland
17. Visit the middle east ( for the food!)
18. Visit New Zealand/ Austrailia
19. Visit India
20. go to Hawaii
21. Learn how to survive in the wilderness with just a knife and my witts
22. slaughter/gut/skin/butcher an anymal all my myself
23. learn how to make working snares/traps
24. have a large enough garden & orchard to be as self suficient as possible
25. can all the food I could use in a fall/winter
26. go backpacking somewher remote with my husband
27. have retro pinup photos done for my husband (while I'm still young enough to pull it off)
28. get a tatoo
29. add another piercing to each ear
30. attend the birth of a child other then my own
31. be a proficient herbalist
32. learn how to weave & dye cloth
33. ride a horse, NOT one of those lame ass trail ponies
34. get in way better shape where maual labor is tiring because its work, not because I'm a wimp
35. spend time in a navajo indian reservation learning about their culture
36. go on a cruise ( done)
37. learn how to dance ( ballroom, waltz, swing, etc)
38. dance the night away with my husband


Sinfonian said...

It's great you know what you want. I'm still working on living day to day. I plan on having more ideas and free time in a few years. I sure hope you get it all done while you can still enjoy it! Forget doing it when you're old and dying...

ChristyACB said...

Looks like you are well on your way. My bucket list is an evolving thing that started when I was 17. And as such, is a total embarrassment. Some of the things I wanted to do then are just...well...silly and not something I would ever do.

Example: In 1984 I wrote that I wanted to sleep with David Lee Roth before I die. LOLOL.

Things I added after 25 are MUCH safer.

Do you have an older version of yours?