Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

I meant to wake up early and attempt to have some sort of mini-pagan Ostara ritual at sunrise....turns out we all slept in till around 2 pm for some very odd reason. Now I'm all foggy headed and still exausted, odd. I guess I am an even lazier Pagan then a lazy Catholic- so this year I suppose I'll still celebrate Easter sunday with the family and all because quite frankly its the holiday I grew up celebrating, my family will be royally pissed if I don't show up all dressy for diner and for the kids I'm sure the easter eggs and chocolate bunnies will excite them more then my 'wheel of the year' musings. This pagan conversion thing is proving to be harder then I had first imagined in a very Christian-Judeo society. I don't even feel comfortable calling myself wiccan or a witch, I just know Christianity hasnt settled well with my spirit for a very long time, and many pagan ideas do. Only time will tell what religion I will find suits me completly. This year with all thats going on it was quite a relief to not have to worry about lent and giving up something for the first time in my life, and not having to stress about meatless Fridays.

Yesterday I got my Pak Choi and 'Fordhook Giant' swiss chard seedlings into some large windowboxes my sister-in-law found in the garage while spring cleaning. The lettuce and pursland are growing nicely, almost enough to make another bowl of salad already! That sure was fast. The weather has been pleasant and warm this week, we even had an impromtu pool party/BBQ today since my son turns 2 tomorrow and I'll be at Master Gardener training and its supposed to rain on Sunday.

Next week I get my braces taken off-finally! I have had braces (a wedding first from my sweet husband who knew how much I hated my badly mishappen teeth) since May of 2003. 2 pregnancys and my own laziness to make every appointment had stretched out the treatment time this long. My kids have never seen me without braces, so I'm excited, just nervous about how much its going to hurt breaking these darn things off.

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